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Civil Litigation Lawyer Port Coquitlam - When a business enterprise experiences financial difficulties, one of the most important things you can do is choose the right group to help you navigate the process. Business restructurings, insolvencies and bankruptcies could be amongst the most challenging of experiences. Our Business Restructuring and Insolvency Group has a wealth of skill to help you handle these situations. Our lawyers are uniquely positioned to offer advice and representation, resulting in effective, strategic and timely solutions.

Our clients come from many different enterprises within industries like for example automotive, biomedical, airline, communications, construction, entertainment, healthcare, funeral, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, steel, mining, technology, natural resources, real estate and retail. Our lawyers can help you with the difficulties of cross-border procedures administered under either Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code or the Canada Companies' Creditors Arrangement ("CCAA"). We have extensive experience with multi-national and domestic business restructurings and reorganizations, whether court-supervised or informal. Bankruptcy and Insolvency restructuring legislation in Canada and the United States have a similar debtor-in-possession focus; however, the laws of the two jurisdictions are different enough to need those involved in cross-border proceedings to be well-informed concerning both jurisdictions. In recent years our lawyers have advised stakeholders and intermediaries in many of the largest insolvencies and restructurings under the CCAA, the Winding-Up and Restructuring Act, and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act ("BIA").

Access to the needed experts could be able to help tip the scales in your favour of outcomes that are positive during business restructuring and insolvency. We are able to draw on the knowledge of our skillful members across our international companies within the numerous legal fields handling business reorganizations. Our firm has experts in mergers and acquisitions, banking and securitizations, labour and employment, public and private equity, real property and intellectual property, and governmental relations. In cases of insolvency requiring advocacy before trial and appellate courts, our team provides expert litigators.

Our services to a wide range of stakeholders consist of the following:

1. We advise financially challenged companies about restructuring alternatives and options like directing and initiating formal restructuring proceedings under the CCAA and the BIA.
2. In relation to companies in financial distress, we advise board members and the special/independent committees of public and private corporations.
3. We advise in relation to insolvent business debtors, including providing advice in the context of cross-border restructuring proceedings, to non-regulated and institutional lenders, agents to and members operational, term, second-lien and asset-based lenders, distressed debt investors, lending syndicates, bondholders, trust indenture trustees, formal and ad hoc noteholders committees, and private equity and hedge fund investors.
4. We advise formal and ad-hoc creditors committees in cases being administered under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code related to Canadian and cross-border restructuring proceedings.
5. We advise secured creditors concerning the enforcement of their security, privately and through court-supervised processes and the protections of their interests and rights in insolvency procedures.
6. We can help trustees through liquidators, bankruptcy, receivers, monitors, interim receivers, construction lien trustees and other court-appointed officers in CCAA proceedings. Also, we can make proposals under the BIA, comprising receiverships and bankruptcies.
7. We advise equipment leasers and vendors, suppliers, contracting third parties, and commercial landlords in restructuring and insolvency proceedings and realizations and in relation to defaulting or insolvent debtors.
8. We advise purchasers obtaining businesses or distressed assets in cases administered under the BIA and CCAA, from trustees in bankruptcy and from privately or court-appointed receivers.
9. We help investment bankers, financial advisors, and other consultants relating to their engagement in insolvency proceedings.
10. We give counsel about different litigation matters arising in the context of insolvency, business restructuring and bankruptcy cases.
11.We defend and prosecute preference actions and litigation actions for fraudulent conveyance of assets and acquiring urgent relief to preserve and protect assets from dissipation, like for instance injunctions, mareva injunctions, and anton pillar orders.

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Port Coquitlam city is situated in British Columbia, Canada. It is situated at the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pitt River and is located twenty seven km east of Vancouver. Coquitlam borders it on the north and the Coquitlam River borders the city on the west and the cities of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge are located across the Pitt River. Port Coquitlam is referred to as as "PoCo" by the natives. According to population, it is the 88th largest city in Canada.

Port Coquitlam city is almost completely bisected by the Canadian Pacific Railway yard, which has two underpass and one overpass crossings. To be able to transport the many goods and people all-around the city, Port Coquitlam city relies heavily upon its vehicular roadways. In large part, this is due to the cities suburban nature. Two of the major arterial roads are the Lougheed Highway and Shaughnessy Street. These main roads bisect Port Coquitlam to the north and south and to the west and east, respectively.

There are many bus routes all around the city which are provided by TransLink. In this particular part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, 159 is the most utilized bus route. The 159 links the SkyTrain to the southern part of Port Coquitlam. Other bus routes within the city consist of the C38 and the 160. The C38 is the route which connects Coquitlam Central Station to Northern Port Coquitlam through Port Coquitlam Station.

The 160 connects Port Coquitlam to Vancouver and it passes through Coquitlam Central Station along with Port Moody Station. Two of the main bus stops in the city consist of the Port Coquitlam Station and the Port Coquitlam Centre. There are different other Community Shuttles in place to serve the greater Port Coquitlam area.   More